SiFF Amateur Video Competition

Let’s tell our island story! We are inviting all videographers and film makers to create a short video that can shine a light on sustainability, innovation and resilience on small islands here in the Caribbean. This competition will run from now, until June 29th 2019, where we will have a public screening and prize giving for the winning video. Whether you use a $5000 camera or your cell phone we want to see stories that excite, educate and engage Barbadians as we plot a path towards a brighter future.

Who Can Enter

We have three competition groups that anyone can enter. These groups are:

  • Primary School Students
  • Secondary School Students
  • General public


Participants must creatively produce a video outlining:

  1. An environmental/sustainability issue related it to the Blue or Green Economy
  2. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goal(s) (SDG)  which the issue is linked to.
  3. What could be done and/or what is being done to address the issue, highlighting entrepreneurial and innovative solutions

The Rules

Video Length

Videos submitted must be no longer than one (1) minute and thirty (30) secs. 

Submission deadline

Send your videos in to us on or before Friday June 14, 2019 to


Videos will be judged on:

  • Ability to explain and articulate the issue identified using scientific principles
  • Innovation of solution proposed
  • Business applicability of solution
  • Creativity of content


Entrants will have the opportunity to win amazing prizes from our generous sponsors and SiFF partners